Longarm Services

I provide long arm quilting services for your quilt in either an all over style (edge to edge, in one pattern), or custom edge to edge style stitching, ruler & free motion. Contact us for a quote!

Quilt prep

Please iron & square up your quilt top. Trim any loose threads.

Do not pin baste or spray baste your quilt.

If your quilt has a specific direction, please mark the top with a safety pin.

Please iron & square up your backing fabric. An additional $50 will be added to square up your quilt back.

Quilt back & batting must be minimally 4" larger than your quilt on each of the 4 sides.

Example: if your quilt top is 40” x 48”, then your quilt back needs to be 48” x 56”.


Make sure that all seams are tight enough to handle being stretched on a frame.

Warm & natural cotton batting, or quilters dream washable wool batting, is preferred. (Quilters dream cotton batting stretches on the long arm frame, & results in uneven areas of thickness & puckering. Unfortunately, i will not accept quilters dream cotton batting.) Alternatively, I can provide batting @ NYC retail price.

Puckers, tucks, frayed seams, and fullness cannot be quilted out!!

I will provide you a choice of thread colors to match your quilt top & back, cost: $3.00/ bobbin.

Trimming of your completed quilt is also not included.

Longarming Prices

Level 1: free motion meandering swirls, circles in circles, or hearts

$ 0.03 per sq inch to $0.035 per sq inch (depending on density)

Level 2: pantographs view options here

$ 0.04 per sq inch to $ 0.045 per sq inch (depending on complexity of pattern)

Level 3: custom

starting @ $ 0.05 per sq inch (depending on complexity & density of stitching)

Thread $3 per bobbin

Additional Services Available

Burying threads $20

Squaring up back $35

Making Binding $0.15 per linear inch

Attach binding to front of quilt via machine $0.10 per linear inch

(binding on back of quilt to be stitched by customer)

Attach full binding to front & back of quilt via machine $0.25 per linear inch

(top stitching will be visible on front & back of quilt)

Rush orders: additional fee of 25% of your total cost.


I will charge actual return shipping via ups or usps. Alternatively, we can make arrangements to meet in Manhattan, NY.


I accept paypal, venmo, & credit cards.


**I own cats**

I cannot guarantee that some general cat hair will not land on your quilt. If you are highly allergic, you might want to consider another long arm service.

**Unfortunately, i cannot accept quilts with minky or stretch polyester**